Why You Should Own A Route Business – Protect Your Future in a Recession Proof Industry

By April 21, 2021General Business

April 22, 2021 – United States – Higher unemployment due to Covid-19 has many Americans searching for financial security outside corporate America jobs. By purchasing a route business tied to a recession proof industry, owners can have more control over their income, job security, hedge future inflation and increase the equitable value of their business.

Routes For Sale is the industry leader in the sale of delivery routes for various goods and services throughout the United States. By example, a route business may distribute food to grocery stores or deliver parcels through “last mile” deliveries. Some of the more popular company brands distributed by route owners include: Bimbo Bakery, Mission Foods, Flowers Food, Pepperidge Farm, Bon Appetit, Snyder’s-Lance, FedEx and many more.

Many route owners have reported increases in their sales revenue as high as 100% throughout the pandemic. As is typical with any recession, we see the food and package delivery industry prospering.

“I have worked in the route sales industry for over 25 years and experienced three recessions. I can’t think of a more solid, low risk, recession proof industry that allows you to generate an income while hedging inflation.” Ron Slusser – President Routes For Sale, LLC